Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Highland Newsletter Summer 2022

                                     HIGHLAND HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL'S NEWSLETTER

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Dear Highland Parent, Student, and Ram Supporter,

Congratulations to Highland Graduates! We are so proud of each of them! What an amazing graduation! If you missed it you can watch it back at the following site: 

12pm Highland= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRTMw5dooQc

3pm Century= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVKN4jkL-J8

6pm Poky= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2P_hBkrCiI

Graduation photos from our yearbook staff are available for purchase at the following links:

Please contact Mrs. Greco with any questions or concerns at grecode@sd25.us.


Thank you everyone for the amazing school year! Attached is a link to the data we keep to help us continually improve from year to year. Please contact Principal Wallace with any questions about the data. Thank you again and we want everyone to have a great summer. Stay safe! 

Highland High School Data:


Thank you to Connections Credit Union for helping the vision of a Pressbox/Concessions/Bathroom facility become a reality for Ironhorse Stadium! This vision began several years ago and Connections Credit Union was with us the whole way. We are so excited for the 2022-23 school year and to get a ton of use out of this building. Again, thank you so much to Connections Credit Union for making this possible. It will greatly benefit our Pocatello/Chubbuck community.  


For summer activities and for back to school dates, please click on the calendar links below. You can also contact school administration. The best way to contact them is through email.   

Highland High School Calendars
Highland Staff, Extracurricular's, and Club Advisor Contact List


College and Career Advisors

Dear Highland Students & Families,

Call it a wrap for the 2021 – 2022 school year. Graduation on June 2nd was a momentous and happy event – a true celebration. I greatly admire the 300+ seniors who marched across the stage that day and earned their high school diplomas. It is no small feat. I wish each and every one of them good luck and godspeed in all their future endeavors, and I applaud Every. Single. Staff. and Faculty member who helped our seniors get across the finish line.

Just a couple of things as we kick back and enjoy some well-deserved down time.

Ø  The college career advisors are 9-month employees and do not work over the summer (though I am in here writing this blog post). We will back in the fold, answering email and phone calls starting August 18th.

Ø  Some students may yet need to take, or retake, the ALEKS math assessment in order to dual enroll in selected math and science classes next year. We offered ALEKS all throughout the spring, so many opportunities were given. Students have two options: 1) as long as they have applied to the Early College Program, they could take ALEKS at Idaho State in their Counseling and Testing Department this summer. Contact them directly by phone to schedule an ALEKS test. Follow this URL -- https://www.isu.edu/ctc/testing/ -- to get all their office information. Or 2) we will offer ALEKS again very shortly after we are back to school. Listen to the announcements in the morning or in this blog. There is always math learning loss over the summer, so students can find free ALEKS prep material online (or on ALEKS itself).

Ø  Rising seniors may take the ACT over the summer and be reimbursed for most of the cost with their Advanced Opportunities money. There is a July 16th ACT (regular registration deadline is June 17). If you feel you have strength in writing, you could register to take the ACT with Writing, and up to $85 will be reimbursed. All you need to do is print out your registration confirmation email showing that you have paid in advance, and bring it in to the CCAs in August. We will then request that you be reimbursed. In that way, you will have an ACT and a SAT score, which could be very helpful to you for college and scholarship applications.

Ø  Rising seniors: use the summer to do research on colleges to which you might want to apply. Most colleges now offer virtual tours and have admission counselors with whom you may ask questions by phone or have a live chat. Look into college fairs and consider starting a profile on the Common Application, which is a great resource. The summer is a boon time to do this kind of thinking and planning. Better yet, go on in-person college tours.

Ø  Many students will be working over the summer – the economy needs you! – so stop by the college career area when you return to school and we will help you construct your resume.

Ø  Highland is sad to see Carly P. Phillips leave us (she is moving on to bigger and more exciting things), but we will welcome a new college career advisor in August. More on that person will be included in our first blog post of the new school year.

Enjoy your summers, your time with friends and family, reading great stuff, getting outdoors, following your curiosities and inclinations. It is a great privilege.

All the best,

Sarah May Clarkson

College career advisor

June 2022

Together we can help Highland continually improve throughout the school year. Please contact school administration with any questions or concerns. 



Highland High School Administration (208)237-1300
-Dr. Brad Wallace-Principal (wallacbr@sd25.us) phone ext.103
-Travis Bell-Assistant Principal/Athletic and Activities Director (belltr@sd25.us) phone ext.105
-Ed.S. Jena Wilcox-Assistant Principal (wilcoxje@sd25.us) phone ext.104
-Dr. Steve Morton-Assistant Principal (mortonst@sd25.us) phone ext.107

-Shelley Huelsman (huelsms1@sd25.us) phone ext.106

-Elaine Whitehead (whitehel@sd25.us) phone ext.114

Counseling Center (208)237-1300
-Tami Romriell=students with last name A-D (romrieta@sd25.us) phone ext.131
-Christa Santos-Smith=students with last name E-K (santosch@sd25.us) phone ext.109
-Cali Baker(Department Chair)=students with last name L-R (bakerc1@sd25.us) phone ext.110
-Tricia Harvala=students with last name S-Z (harvaltr@sd25.us) phone ext.116

School Psychologist
-Kenneth Ward wardke@sd25.us